Sinadisi Restaurang in Hora


Sinandisi (meeting, meeting point) means something more than just the word for us Greeks. It´s the time we make for talking and relaxing while enjoying a good meal.

From the ancient Greece until today it´s the way of understanding if our lives have become better.

An important role in this lays the good food of Sinandisi.


Welcome to this beautiful island and Sinandisi.

We´re George and Emmy Spanos and our children Vangelis and Maria.

We started our restaurant in 1996 and since then we´ve been working hard as a family: working at the restaurant, making it bigger, nicer and friendlier: And working at our quality.

And we´re going on hoping for your compliments, ideas and critics.

Enjoy your holidays.

And when it´s time to go home we hope that Sinandisi Will be one of your good memories.

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Tel. 22730 91787 - 22730 91330

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